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There are many shower niche ideas 2022 to pick from but selecting the final idea is never easy. You will always worry about choosing an idea that ends up ruining the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Your budget, size of bathroom and where you want the niche to be installed will also affect your options.

The good news, however, is that there are experts who can help make the best choice. Take a look at some of the best shower niche ideas 2022.

What Is A Shower Niche?

A shower niche is an open storage space, such as a cubbyhole. It is installed in the wall of the bathroom or tub area. This unique bathroom wall modification can help organize and declutter an unorganized or crowded bathroom.

Is Shower Niche A Good Idea?

When you think about the drawbacks of the alternatives, installing a niche in the shower is a great idea. It doesn’t take up bathroom space and offers a long-term solution that keeps your bathroom space organized.

Placement of the Shower Niche

   Ideal height

The #1 thing you must do is think about the shower niche size and height. The ideal height is about 5 feet or 60 inches from the floor.

The size of the niche shower can be anywhere from 24 inches to more than 30 inches. To achieve the perfect niche height shower, make sure the top edge is at your eye level.


Does the shower niche need to be centred? The answer is yes. The niche has to be spaced properly for your bathroom items to fit and balance well. If you go for a prefab niche, ensure it has enough space for your shampoo bottles.


As you choose the ideal location, don’t install it on an outside wall. If not installed properly, moisture can condense behind the niche. You must also beware of utilities and splash zones.
Installing a shower niche can be risky and complicated. To avoid costly mistakes, always get expert help.

Accent Tile Shower Niches

Accent tiles can be used to give your shower that great “WOW” factor. The colors pop against the overall shower tiles. The fish scale shaped accent tile paired with the cream wall, there are no rules when it comes to remodeling your shower.

Monochrome Shower Niche

Black niche tile can be used in so various ways, simply as a border or a custom layout within the niche itself. You cannot go wrong with timeless black and white, what a luxurious and modern feel.

Use Wood To Add Warm To Your Bathroom Niche

Bringing in natural materials to your bathroom is a great way to benefit from the principles of biophilic design, and there’s no better choice than wood to add this grounding touch. So, while it’s much more common to see tile and stone in niches, why not consider the charm of timber for your space?

wood shower niche

Black and White Shower Niche

A black-and-white shower niche is a reliable way to deliver long-lasting style. In a bathroom, an abundance of white lends itself to a fresh, clean feel. To keep all that white from looking too sterile and jarring, a heavy dose of black will bring contrast, balance and instant style.

Arch Shower Niche Idea

Arches provide a much needed softness to the bathroom, which is often characterized by the straight lines of tiled walls, introducing an organic feel to what can be a clinical space.

Add Lighting To Your Bathroom Niche

Not only does the micro cement finish, a feature throughout the property, create a beautiful, textured look in the bathroom, but a bathroom niche also spans the length of the wall in this tactile shower room. The cherry on top? Concealed LED bathroom lighting beautifully illuminates the space, highlighting this architectural feature while also making it a dreamy spot for a nighttime shower.

Modern Pill Shape Bathroom Niche

Another shape that is trending right now is the oblong, more affectionately known as the pill shape. In this marble bathroom designm a large recess has been created with three shelves for the shower wall, mirroring the curvaceous forms used throughout the space.

Natural Stone As A Niche Accent

Natural stone is the brilliant choice for an elegant bathroom, but where budgets might not stretch to cladding your walls in luxury stone slabs, a niche provides a perfect spot to create a focal point of a beautiful marble.
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